Donation Template

Dear ________________________________________________,

On Friday, October 19th, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at my school is holding a Fall Fitness Festival! This event will include a cool obstacle course, a free book walk, and many other fun stations! I get to pariticipate in this event alongside all of my classmates and friends. We will fuel our brains and bodies as we celebrate our school spirit!

The PTA provides much needed funds for technology, books, school benches, recess equipment, field trips, family events, teacher support, high school scholarships and MUCH more.

For this event, I am asking family and friends for donations. Would you please sponsor me by making a direct donation of $5, $10, $20, or more? 100% of your donation will support West Elementary. All donations are tax-deductible.

To make an online donation, please sponsor us by visiting the website below. This will take you right to our school’s fundraising page. I’m also collecting donations in the form of cash or check (made payable to North Polk West Elementary PTA) that I will be returning to school by October 16th.

DONATE HERE ⤑⤑⤑⤑⤑⤑⤑⤑⤑
(Be sure to include my name and grade in the “Add a note” section!)

Thank you in advance for your support!